Fixed Size Template for Coasters

Hey All!

I currently make cutting boards and coasters for my husband’s real estate team. Every time I put the coasters or cutting boards into the Glowfordge and upload the image to be engraved, I have to resize and center onto each coaster/Board.

There HAS to be an easier way to set this up so that I don’t have to resize all of the time.

Asking the masters here as I’m just getting into this as my side gig!

Search the forum for jigs, it’s the only way to be sure.

I personally prefer corner jigs, they use less material.

Lol I just realized this piece of advice is a repeat of a repeat.


You need a jig for your side-gig… :+1:


What they said – a jig, and make sure you’re using set focus or entering the correct material height. That helps the fisheye lens correction algorithm display your artwork at the size that is appropriate for where your material surface is. If you don’t have the focus set, the display size will be off until it runs the autofocus routine in response to the print command.

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I make sure your crumb tray doesn’t shift. It has some play in the divots…

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Thanks so much for the link!

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