Fixin' up the RV

My latest RV Projects.

  1. New heater return cover - Replacement for broken
  2. Hand Soap dispenser holder

Heater Return. A renter accidentally kicked the old one. I couldn’t find a suitable replacement so I made one. It barely fit on the glowforge bed. It needed to be 1/2" thick to be sturdy enough and needed a lip to fit into the damaged hole and cover the edges. So I printed two pieces (one smaller) and glued them together.

Return Grill backing

Soap Holder. The hand soap dispenser just flies around the RV when it’s moving and ends up under the toilet. This will keep it where it is supposed to be.

Soap Holder 2

Soap Holder 1

The files are all for 0.2" material


These are great, we are getting our camper ready for the summer, I will have to do a sweep through to see what I need to replace:-)
Also, I am moving this to Free Laser Designs since you so graciously shared the design with us!!
Thank you!


What a thought! A heater return cover… we’ve lived with ill fitting ones for years. Must make some that fit. Thanks!


Love these practical cuts! Thanks!


2 great practical cuts!


Love the soap dispenser! I can see so many other uses!!


And then you’ll probably need this, seeing as you’re decorating and all… :laughing: :rofl:




heck ya. keep your beer bottle from flying around as you’re driving.



Great use of the Glowforge!

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Well friends. It was fun for the extremely short time it lasted.
My laser stopped working on my next project. It’s out of warranty. Hardly ever used it.
These will be the most expensive parts in the whole RV.
I’m not sure I can afford to get it fixed.
I’m hoping to hear from their customer support, but from what I’ve gathered it will cost me near what I paid for it to get it fixed.


HastyPete, I would seriously doubt that your machine is that bad.
Mine quit a while back, and I just read what I could and fixed it easily.
You can fix it!

It’s a bad laser high voltage supply. Sending the gf in for repairs.
I’m sure I could fix it, but I’m unwilling to risk it.

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I need to make the heater covers for our house! We have wood and vinyl floors and run iRobots. The one upstairs keeps getting stuck on the vent under a buffet and I can hardly reach it to get it out. So, of course, it shuts off underneath the buffet and I have to get down on hands and knees (not easy for me!) to drag it out of there. If I made these and adjusted it somehow to angle so it can’t get caught… should work if I just make 1-3" angled sides to attach to it. I’ll have to try that. Thanks for sharing your files!


You might be able to recess the structure and attach with screws at a 45 angle.
Then cut a very thin veneer for the top layer to cover the edges.