Fixing a wooden yoyo

A friend ordered a couple of wooden yoyos as stocking stuffers with her 2 sons names on them. When they came in one was correct and the other just had a T engraved on it. When asked if i could fix it i said certainly! Turned out to be a lot more fiddly work than i thought.

So, i found the matching text and made up the name in Illustrator. Took out the crumb tray and had to set the focus at .09in. Not knowing how to line up the text on the middle T, I came up with taping a piece of paper to the top and rubbing over it with a pencil to make the T show up. Did an engrave at 1000 speed, 1 power and the name was off by almost a full letter. So, i zoomed in and moved the file over about the width of a letter (educated guess) and etched the paper again.

This time it seemed to line up so i took the paper off and etched very lightly onto the yoyo.

Didn’t see any of the light etching around the T that was already there so i went for it and made a final etch at 400 speed 60 power… All in all, i think it turned out looking great! (Made me very nervous because if i messed it up there was no second chance)


Nice repair!


So it was supposed to say Titus originally, but it only came with one T? Wow, great work on fixing that up!


Fabulous recovery! I’m always impressed with this group!


Yes, they did not print his name, only a T

Great job pulling out the win!


Nice save! Good idea for a gift.

A quick google search turned up this link.

Lot’s of other wood shapes and accessories that could save some time.


Great work!

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