Flammable finish no longer flammable?

I treated some baltic birch projects with Krylon Satin clear coat. It comes in an aerosol can. The product description says that it’s fully dry in an hour, but could take a week to cure. Do you think it’s safe to laser after a few hours? I can still smell the spray paint odor, and I’m not sure if whatever is causing that is flammable. It’s intended as a gift for a Christmas party on Tuesday and I was hoping to cut it tonight, but I’d rather not burn my house down…

Someone here have a bit more knowledge here than I do?

Not sure…I think it would depend on how thick you went with it. If it was thick I’d give it a couple days.

Not terribly thick. Two coats of an even spray. I guess I should hold off as long as possible. I need to know what causes that smell… where are all the chemists???

VOCs. My guess is if you can smell it, you might oughta wait a bit. :thinking:
(It will probably be okay by tomorrow.)

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Yeah. Luckily there isn’t a ton of assembly left once they are cut. And they aren’t the primary gifts if I have to just ditch the whole thing…

I ended up cutting wood that had already been treated with furniture polish. There was a lot of flame but if you keep a sharp eye on it you should be ok. I would prefer to experiment on something easy to lose in any case. Baking in an oven at the lowest setting or in top of a grill where the heat is being discharged should accelerate the drying.


Thanks! I waited til this morning and there was no flame, although it still smells. All is good!