Are there materials safer than others when making wall light switch plates like the owl one. Is draftboard not safe? I’m assuming because of the wiring behind it, material matters. I don’t want acrylic.

I dunno. But dry wall, which surround the entire plug housing, along with all of the structural beams etc are all combustible.


If the wiring fails to the point where wood mounted in front of the switch catches, you’ve got much bigger problems than that wood face plate!

Most wall boxes are nailed directly to the 2x4 stud on one side or the other.

Dry wall isn’t actually terribly combustible (which I witnessed first hand when our neighbor’s house burned down and it tried really hard to burn our’s down-- dry wall acted as a fire break).


Wouldn’t be any worse than wooden switch plate covers which are a thing, at least as I see it.

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I tend to overthink things :blush:
Thanks guys. Be prepared to see a lot of “dumb” questions from me :slight_smile:


As a whole, yeah. The paper fascia on the outside will definitely go up fast though.

If you’re really worried about it, they sell this rubber foam cover you can put underneath it. I believe it’s meant to help waterproof outdoor covers or something, but It could give you a bit of insulation to ease your mind. I think we have some cast iron plates in our house with them behind it.

Don’t worry wood in IN-Flammable!
I kid. Really. I wouldn’t worry.


Your house is made of wood - and you can buy wood switch plates. I wouldn’t sweat it. :slight_smile:

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