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Hello, I decided to try and do a print on a flask. Before I try and do something, I wanted to know if anyone has tips on how to get this done. I’m guessing I need to score and not engrave… any help would be amazing. Thank you.

This forum is a wealth of ideas, flasks among them. Search in the top right is your friend.

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Welcome to the forum @mad7jad28.

You can engrave a flask just fine. Is it anodized? What material and shape?

Are you doing stainless with marking medium?

Lots of examples in the forum.

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Yes it is, Powder Coated Stainless Steel. Do I need to prep the flask in any way? Am I engraving or scoring? I thought I would reach out before I damage anything…

Thanks. :grinning:

Here is a quick return of posts regarding engraving flasks: https://community.glowforge.com/search?q=flask

I suspect you will want to engrave rather than score.

Thanks I’ll take a look. I thought that engrave would be the way to go. Just wanted to confirm…

The :glowforge: can burn off the powder coating and reveal the shiny aluminum underneath. Usually you would need to invert the contrast of your image so the white in the image is revealed as shinny metal, and the black of the image as the original powder coat.

The :glowforge: is not powerfull enough to mark the metal.

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Ok, and how in the heck do I do that??? LOL

Again Search is your friend, look for “Inverting image for engraving”.

This depends on your artwork. Either will work on powder coated flask but they look different.

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