Has anyone engraved on a flask yet and if so which ones are the best to engrave?

There have been several discussions about this, if you search the forum they’re easy enough to find.

Let’s see, I’ll help you out this time:


One of these had a good product link… Hmm…

Some discussion there. The short version is that I think most people just get inexpensive ones from amazon.



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People have done some really cool engraves on them for sure.

One tip I’ll give you if you do the kind where you’re engraving the paint off: wipe the metal down afterward with at least water if not alcohol. The paint residue will dull the results until you do, and then the metal really shines through. It’s night and day, you’ll think “hmm, this is ok I guess” and then wipe it off and be like “omg this is awesome”.


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