Flat box - Illustrator editable

I thought I would share an illustrator file to show how to make a box with boolean operations. If I had just shared the the SVG then all you could make is the same box. With this one, you can adjust to your needs.

file-box.ai (1.1 MB)

I made one of the friction tabs longer, to prop it up at a slight angle.

The green shapes are for “unite”, the red for “minus”.


Thank you so much for this box generator. I will use it. Those are some nice files, by the way.

Not sure how it works yet, but I will figure it out eventually! Thanks.

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Great idea! This would allow you to kerf adjust before doing the Boolean.

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I could use this for some carving chisels I own.

Thanks. I always appreciate AI files so I can easily edit them.

Thanks for the share!!