Flat Pack Shipping

Hey all,

I tried to find previous threads but couldn’t find what I was looking for. I’m wondering if any other sellers who have done flat pack shipping have suggestions for how to ship products safely.

I’m going to ship mostly Baltic letter sized panels with scored pieces that will be assembled by the customer. Sometimes one panel, but a some products will be a few.

Currently I’m considering:

1: Cardstock on both sides (doubles as build instructions/branding)
2: Shrink wrap
3: Bubble envelop or a rigid Kraft envelop (I’m especially interested in what folks think of this)

For bigger orders or thicker products I’d use an appropriately sized mailer box and some sort of void fill (probably Kraft paper)

I’d love to hear any thoughts.

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I can’t find the post either - but I know folks have used cardboard - but cut out the exact shape of the thing they made so it sits inside the cardboard protected from all angles.
(like this, but cardboard)

(foam clearly also works)

I’ve received items packed with chipboard (like what they make cereal boxes out of) and shipped in a bubble envelope and they’ve done just fine.

:proofgrade: is shipped in shrink wrap.

I think your final may depend more on how much of a “wow” presentation you want to make :slight_smile:


Those cutouts are an interesting idea. I think most of my products will be delivered in roughly letter sized panels with scored pieces to punch out. Though doing some custom cut carboard is good to keep in mind!

The chipboard idea is sort of what I had in mind with heavy cardstock and the shrink wrap. Mostly because I can print directly onto cardstock so I can do things like put my logo, product info, instructions, etc. onto it. Might be good to consider both though.


I’ve used this stuff before with success. It’s pretty awesome bubble wrap. It sticks to itself and is rigid.


When I’ve mailed laser-cut parts, I use masking tape to secure them to the overall sheet then a piece of cardboard (amazon boxes) on either side, and typically in a flat-rate envelope.


@shronimo That roll is very interesting. I’ll have to take a look.

@eflyguy that’s good to know. I’ll keep the tape idea in mind.


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