Flatpack business card

I love this card idea. A realtor could easily laser cut a couple of slotted house outlines to create a 3d house from the card. Techs a computer… professions and matching cards are endless. I want to see Dan create one with r/c control… :smile:


If we weren’t cutting Catan tiles all night tonight I would be doing that right now. That’s amazing.


At my last job, we had flatpack business cards made of 1/8" plywood that built a tiny motor-- just add magnet wire.


Interesting choice for the plane; Messerschmitt Bf109, I believe… Still, a nicely done card that would work well to stimulate creativity in clients.

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What a great idea! My first business is construction and stone work… i am seeing a build your own wall kinda like lincon logs but with stone

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Noticed the tiny hole at the top of the model to hang it - this whole idea of slot-together pseudo-3d models totally rocks for creating mobiles too!

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I forgot to mention I tried this - shouldn’t have bothered, it won’t fly. I dabble in RC planes; the low wing makes this fly better backwards and upside-down than forward. Should base it on a glider if it’s to fly when thrown.

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Aw boo. Having said that, I totally want to make business cards that you can turn into robots or dinosaurs.

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A business card which can fold into a business card holder could be interesting. Then you personally have a card holder to present your material in, AND there is a chance someone you handed your card to at a conferences uses it to hold their own, thus always keeping it out and visible :slight_smile:


Or a business card that turns into a Shark that is a card holder. Kind of like Jaws or something to show your business card’s dominance. (Or robots shooting lasers or a sumo punching their cards.)

You are too funny! LOL!

This reminds me; I was at Lee Valley the other day and noticed these bad boys:



Very nice

Another idea for cards


Even better it’s available as an Instructable with downloadable files, all ready for the Glowforge.

Robotic Claw Business Card

Edit - If you’re not pro just view all the steps and you can download the files from Step 2. The download on title page only works if you’re paying for pro.

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There are samples of wooden business cards here. Also lots of ideas and files to download. Most are in Coral Draw (.cdr) and (.eps) that can be opened in Inkscape. www.epiloglaser.com go to resources - sample club.

Hair off topic. Not a business card but a greeting card. Check the site.

I think I just give up…


Brad Litwin is amazing!
His stuff is just so clever and well made.
I met him a few times when I lived in Philadelphia, and he is just as interesting in person as you might expect from his work. If you watch all his videos it is like a short course in animatronics.

Great musician as well.

I like his paint and cut thing he was doing. He is a certain type of genius. I am glad he is as nice a guy as you would hope him to be, and as he comes off in the videos.

I am designing a biz card that can be put together and used as an iPhone holder/viewer.