Fleet Kits for Sailing Education & Race Officials

If you’ve seen a lot of my posts, it’s clear that a lot of my Glowforge designs have been to support my company SailZing.com’s product business. Our latest product is a set of boat models that we call Fleet Kits for use in sailing schools and protest meetings to show various scenarios.

Most of the kits for sale previously had just a single sail and were low fidelity, but cost a lot. We chose to make several sets to support everything from the Scows and Optimists that we sail and up to a yacht shape for offshore.

The Glowforge allowed me to do a lot of prototyping and enough production for now. The finished result is awesome!

Here are some photos.
SailZing Fleet Kits

Edit: This is what the Master Set looks like, complete with the Glowforge etched polypropylene lid that I showed you all a while back.


Can you go into details on how these are used?
They look super neat but my “barely enough to be dangerous” knowledge of sailing means I do not quite get them. Is this to mimic boat/sail position?


Hmmm, I think the sails need to be taller if you’re going to catch any wind. :wink:


That’s very cool!

Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:

Sure. The boats are used to replay a situation, for example a rules infraction.

Each party is one color with four boats numbered 1 through 4. 1 is the first position and 4 is that color’s final position to portray a sequence. Many rules have specifics that relate to when you achieved a certain position for rights to be granted.

Check out our rules section for some rules details and animations that perform a similar role to the fleet kits.

This one relates to room around a buoy or “mark”. https://sailzing.com/rule-18-mark-room2/

The kits can also be used to explain the fundamentals of sailing to students. They also make fun toys for kids old enough (and SOME adults - small parts).


Add some canons and square rigging and there is probably a board game you could make these for as replacements to the inevitable cardboard pieces.


You know, that’s an awesome idea!! I’ll create some fun add-ons as a way to make them fun when they’re not being used for “SERIOUS” sailing business. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This could be the start of something big. Did I miss the files somehow?

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The arrows are for wind direction or direction of travel? If wind it might be worth it to include something like one of those blowing clouds to indicate that

A few fighting boats that I did for Second Life where they have such games with 18th century fighting ships…

this is based off the Constitution…

This a xybec favored by Barbary Pirates


No files. I was just sharing what can be done with the automagical Glowforge. I think that shared files are “generally” in the “Free Laser Designs” category. :wink:

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The arrows are for Wind and Current. The wind arrow is longer and thinner with a “W” and the current arrow is shorter and stubby with a “C”. Once you know what they indicate, it’s not hard. I engraved the words on them, but to save operations, I engrave the magnet holes (for magnetic whiteboards) on the same side. So that puts the words on the backside when on the whiteboard.


I didn’t even think about current. obviously something I don’t know much of anything about.

bigger picture definitely helps :slight_smile:

For my lake sailing, I don’t have to worry about current, but offshore and on the Mississippi River, it makes a huge difference. My wife used to sail in the San Francisco and Monterrey bays and current matters.

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What a wonderful product! I hope you can corner the market with it!

We’re working to get the word out! :wink:

Although I don’t sail … These kits are very impressive!

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Thanks. It’s a fun project.

Very cool idea, design and implementation… where are the sharks?:grin: