Flexy cuts

So I’m trying my hand at some flexible cuts. My goal is to try a few patterns and use them to create custom seats for some of my wood work by investing them with a clear polyester and pressing them to shape in a mold, much in the same manner that steam-forming would work.

Does anyone have experiences they are keen on sharing as to do’s and don’t in this territory?

For the sake of testing I’m using a pattern that user kofaktorlab posted toinstructables

BTW, ALWAYS sheck your GF for cute fuzzy animals before pressing “print”


Thanks for the link. I haven’t tried anything flexible except being in awe that it works. I like the idea of a bowl that can be frozen to shape.

ROFL! That’s cute what is it? :grinning:

It’s a porg.


Awwww, cute. I hope you didn’t burn his little toesies.

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Wow that is a really interesting idea!

I would be a little concerned about adhesion to the burnt edges, but something that has a low viscosity and a long enough set time should overcome that.

I look forward to seeing your results.

That looks incredible… I see a new project coming up

That’s why I’m working with polyester. Even though it’s relatively high viscosity, you can greatly very the time that it takes to harden by varying temp and catalyst volume. You can make it adhere to virtually anything.

I’m looking forward to seeing this on your custom seats…

Me too. It appears to be strong enough, so now I need to make the press form that will keep it all in place as the polyester cures. I’ll update as I get that working!

What about using a fabric backer on the wood to increase the final strength?

That’s a fantastic idea!!! Thank you!

It would look really cool too if I use something with a pronounced fiber