Floating Spice Racks

The pantry was getting a little out of sorts, so I whipped up some floating spice racks to attach to the pantry door. I know spice racks have been done and done again in here, but I had to do my own take on them.

Since the Glowforge store has been out of stock on a lot of the plywoods lately, I ordered some walnut plywood from Trotec. It’s a VERY similar material, with a couple drawbacks… it comes in 12 x 24" sheets, so they have to be trimmed down, it’s not pre-finished, though still a smooth surface, so I didn’t actually end up finishing mine, and they don’t come pre-masked, and the stuff I used doesn’t stay on terribly well, so I still got a bit of staining. It is a few bucks less expensive though! So it’s a great alternative when Proofgrade stuff is out of stock.

Anyway, here are a couple pics:


Nice practical cut.

If you’re not stuck on walnut, baltic birch plywood is the go-to cheap alternative, it can be had for under $1/square foot if you have a local supplier.


Those are cute. I miss having pantry!


The spice must flow.


Hey, Nice job there!
I really like the removal of the snagging corners in the supports and the ventilated shelves. slick design. :sunglasses:

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Very nice design! Very smart looking.

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Yes, I really like your design. Keep showing us your stuff; everybody’s take on an item is going to be different and it’s great to see the variations.

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Great practical cut. Looks like you already have the shelves filled up.

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These are great! Nice to get some use of the door, plus so easy to find your spice. (I’m a little over the top, and store alphabetically for even faster location).

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If you’re using transfer tape as your masking you are aware that the glue is pressure activated? You have to run over it with a squeegee or credit card or scrap acrylic or something to make it stick. I don’t mean to offend if you already know this.

Nice racks.


Great design! How did you attach them to the door?

Nifty design. You now control the universe.


Great Practical cut!

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I love practical projects, and this one is awesome! Well done!

This is exactly what I am looking for to make! Do you have a file for sale or anything? I would love to make it tomorrow!

Love this! Hmm… Now I’m thinking it might be time to update my small pantry.

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