Flower, Gleam and glow

So I have been requested to be a featured artist in one of our local libraries and I have been making projects for people of all ages. I decided to make one for the younger audiences. I made the magical flower from the cartoon tangled. I made it out of 3 layers. Tell me what you think of it. I know it came out kinda dark but if I didn’t do a side by side with the original I doubt anyone would question it.

Original flower from the show:

My remake of it:


Very pretty! Looks just like it! :grinning:


Oh, I really like it! Excellent coloring of the wood.

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Very nice! Are you using any fluorescent inks to color? Maybe even just yellow and orange highlighter - should be able to make it glow like in original

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just used colored pencils, i tried a highlighter and it ended up making it darker.

Yes - that will go into the wood and wet it - but if you have it under there, it should still glow under UV…
But even without it - looks great already!

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Excellent coloring!

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That’s amazing, I can’t tell from the picture that it was a 2d project.

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