I’m stuck under a cat and can’t move, so I’m playing with the portrait mode on my new iPhone. Here’s a night-blooming cereus that bloomed unexpectedly last night.

Oh, and here’s the cat:


Nice fluffy looking cat. I like those better than short-hairs.


Beautiful! (And I like your custom lap warmer there too! Sherpa is very in.) :smile:


Looks like you aren’t going anywhere for QUITE a while


Awesome! My dad has some night blooming cereus, I’ve taken some beautiful pictures of them… really large blooms.

I’m glad to see someone else understands the cat rules. hehe


She’s fallen and can’t get up!! :rofl:


My kid uses the same excuse to get out of chores…lol


Beautiful bloom … And beautiful cat.


Looks like the cat bloomed too! :slight_smile:


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