Fluid Spilled During Move No Fluid

Having major issues communicating with support on a simple question. What is the fluid used in the laser tube/ Reservoir? is EMPTY how do I know? because it was all spilled in the bag , ALL of it. I need to fill the unit up but keep getting replies that are NOT useful whatsoever. Does anyone here know what is the fluid? is it PC coolant? Would be nice if support read the ticket before auto replying useless steps. all this does is generate more backlogged messages for them to have to answer and upset the customer for unnecessarily delay a fix.

YOU are in luck!
I had the SAME ISSUE!

its a cheap and simple fix!!

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Support does not participate here.

They have also never divulged what coolant is used.

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I will just state here, doing this ‘may’ void your warranty - since it’s “third party”

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That is really upsetting, I noticed they are giving people the run around when asking about it. We paid a lot of money for something this simple not to have a resolution. we should be able to know what is the proper replacement to use specially when they want to claim it will void warranty when they dont even offer to sell it.

there are people here who tow the company line… I am not one of them…

Yeah that’s ridiculous… they dont tell you what it is, they dont sell it, and they want to void your warranty if you use something else… No humans to talk to either.

it sucks, but the best solution is to just make your own.
I completely replaced the coolant in a basic and its been working flawlessly

Was there a reason why you didn’t go with PC coolant?

I thought it wiser to use, what THEY use, (it is a $$$ machine, after all) so with a lot of research and the help of forum members, I was able to duplicate it exactly.



Cool I just ordered it thanks!

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I called the project “Dolly” since I was cloning coolant :stuck_out_tongue:


As much as their backlog sucks, you should really wait for support instead of putting in your own fluid - your warranty on the very expensive new machine is in jeopardy if you put in your own mystery fluid.

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Support wants me to ship them back to my unit. There is no way in hell I’m shipping back the unit just for them to add fluid. This company has officially the worst customer service i’ve had my whole life specially for a product this expensive. I will make sure to let people know not to get a glowforge
not worth the headache, they are trying to be like apple and their repair centers.

Yup - what it cost me, when it happened to me.

I was stupid enough to pay it, Now I am smarter.


Wait, is this a new machine or an old one? (“because it was all spilled in the bag” makes it sound newly shipped)


NOW in defense of glowforge, Your unit is out of warranty, you have a solution to your problem, Why are you still bitching? It WAS the glowforge community who helped you solve it
That was provided by glowforge, Inc.


He moved an old machine, all the coolant leaked out.

Then warranty concerns do not apply. NVM me.

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I already ordered the stuff they are just taking days to reply back and I wanted to post the ridiculous help they offered. Spend $500+ in shipping for $30 worth of fluid lol. I’m not worried about warranty is only 1 year and is older than that. This is good stuff to know so I dont make the same mistake when I get my next unit. With the run around and lack of support given im glad i didnt drop $6k for the pro