Fluorescent Blue Acrylic - What Happened to It?

Does anyone know why the fluorescent blue disappeared from the store?

Does anyone know if any other fluorescent colors are going to be added? (orange, yellow, purple)?

For some reason, I feel like previously they had removed products when they were out of stock?

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Yeah, they did, like the green edged acrylic.

Weird. Would be nice to know what their full catalog is.

I can buy from inventables, but I’d rather use the glowforge store where I have credits


I think it was just kind of a bandaid for out of stock product. I remember something about out of stock items causing difficulty with the cart.


happy cake day @takitus

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I spend my 100 off from last year’s inventables coupon on that a few days back… (Inventables, not GF store…)
Gotta dial in settings when I get the chance.

I’ve just been using proofgrade settings. They work fine. I’m doing a massive run of multicolor badges right now half of which is proofgrade and half inventables. The only major difference is the masking paper on the glowforge is a bit nicer.


Thanks! Which engrave setting(s) are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?

Any of the medium fluorescent colored acrylics, they all use the same settings. I’ve been doing so many 3d engraves lately I actually remember that it’s 501/full/vary power(0)/340lpi