Flux 3D Printer

Just saw the latest Tested with the Flux 3D printer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh9Xh2OA-j4
Is anyone familiar with it/has one? Know the good and the bad with it?
I am sorely tempted, but my knowledge of lasers and such is basically what I have learned from the GF itself :wink:


Wow, that is a beautiful tool! I didn’t get a chance to see it at Maker Faire, but I’m excited to read reviews when they start coming out.


While this looks like a nice machine, I’ve fallen for the hydra thing several times. Almost always separate tools work better.


Preach it. This could be an exception, but the price point is surprisingly low. I’d be cautious. :slight_smile:


But it connects the heads with magnets! Magnets!
That instantly raises the cool factor by 3x.


The original makerbot cupcake cnc connected the printbed with magnets (or should that be Magnets!). Which was a good thing because it meant nothing broke when the various bad tolerances stacked up the wrong way. (That’s the machine I donated to the local library last year, which may have been a mistake.)

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Neat, but not for me.

The one machine multi-use factor is very kewl. (not really sure what he ws going to do with the 3d scan of dog doo). Even the price point wasn’t bad.

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You attach the head by magnets… and he is saying you can do Tattoos with it?

I haven’t given nor obtained a tattoo… but that sounds wrong to me.

Really the only 3D printer I am eager to see is the Carbon oxygen permeated SLA printer (I guess they call it CLIP technology).

I did chat with the FormLabs guys at MakerFaire, and I like a lot of what I am seeing about the Form 2. But I cannot bring myself to sink the cash on another SLA as long as there exists even a small chance that someone may release a CLIP based printer at a sub $5k price (Carbon is so VERY far off that mark)


so very very very far
"subscription based to reduce overhead cost…" minimum 3 year ‘subscription’ at the low low price of only 40k per year not including materials…
edit: all of a sudden I am so much happier with the Glowforge pro price point


Yeah, that was a weird comment about tattoos. I looked over their website and I assume he means it’s a future possibility that they could maybe one day make a tattoo attachment. It was such an odd offhand comment that they just sort of brushed passed.

Except ick. Because bloodborne illnesses and infections. I doubt a tattoo attachment would be single use and I doubt the end user would have the necessary equipment to make sure it stayed clean for multiple uses.

In general, I think devices that do everything tend not to do everything well. Besides my dremel, anything I’ve used with a million different attachments tends to be way more effort than it’s worth.


The drawing attachment can take all sorts of pen shapes, so I think he meant the attachment can hold a tattoo machine and you can just put your arm/hand etc under it.
Not that I think it would look very good :wink: