Flux collector

And with fully etched pattern ( much longer job).


Well this brightened my Monday. Beautiful.

That looks amazing! Thanks for the share!

holy cow, this is beautifuuulll, looks like i will need to learn how to do electronics too .

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The GF is a gateway drug to other allied maker skills as you start to make more composite projects. :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you using fastled or neopixel?

Think im starting to get hooked and i dont even have my plus yet, i cant wait for 08/10/19 to come!


i use both. depends on the project. more likely to use FastLED but if i have older code that almost fits a new project, i start there and it is likely neopix based.

anyone know where the downloadable link to the regular spirograph went to that was up the other day? I downloaded it and had it saved but I just had to get a new iMac pretty much today and had nothing saved

Fast LED is bigger in terms of memory space than Neopixel. So if using a tiny arduino type (trinket for example), neopixle is the way to go. That can still be a challenge so I am about to try NeopixelBus which is written to be even smaller.

I got it…

yyyyyaaaaayyy!!! Oh my goodneess!!! You are my new BEST FRIEND!!!

Gentle reminder that you can only post files that you have created and own the rights to. :slight_smile:

My fault for asking!!! I kept telling myself to pay attention to this rule! I did not even realize I asked ! Until now!

On another note… enjoyed reading Ponoko & you! Extremely captivating!!! Couldn’t stop clapping. In a room. All by myself. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

oops, my fault…

I loved reading the story about kiddos and experimenting and how it all came together. And I am gonna make me a sign above my comp. no beggers allowed!! Lol I found it so crazy to find out you weren’t supposed to ask! So you would think I would remember. But I’m the moment…moment of Awe! Hypnotized! Lol

This - and I have a degree in technical theatre that required knowledge of electrics. I can wire plugs, and even re-wire radios, but the whole microprocessor control just befuddles me :-/


Do you have a source for the LED panels, micro controller and such for this project? My grandson would love this (and I do too) :slight_smile:

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this is so awesome. where is the base from.

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