Focus and frustrated

Does anyone else get frustrated with this centering projects or is it just me?
So I often print on both sides of a project. The one side prints almost perfect everytime but not so much the other side. For instance. I did 132 keychain hearts for a church. The may part, including heart shaped words, to score lines, and two cuts came out perfect. Made a jig, turned the hearts over to print words on the other side, did a focas, created the words, lined everything up, and bam outside edges moved to the right or left. So set up another batch. adjusted for the left and right and bam moved off center again. Some are perfect. Outside edges on both sides off. Doesn’t matter what I do. Sooooo is there anything in the Glowforge app that could be improved on to help us here. I tired of making two hundred of a 150 order so I can have perfect items to give to my customers.

Never had that issue. I print a fair bit of double-sided items.

If you’re using a jig it’s impossible to mess up. Just ignore what you see on the screen.

The only exception would be if you are bumping the head when you turn the pieces over.


the problem is getting that perfect initial set up with the jig. I’ve not attained that yet. I cut the heart out of the wood. remove the hearts and wood. Place the jig in at the exact location pin it down and burn. But its always off. I’ve shut it down, started over everything everyone has suggested and its alway off. Center ones print perfect out side off to the left on the left and right on the right. I’ve changed it not moving a thing and then its off the opposite way, meaning if I didn’t move it after the first batch messed up and burned the second set they would have been good. So I guess throw away the first batch and get a second good batch. I’m problem is not a simple as everyone seems think and I’m not a beginner if I’m having a problem then its a problem. I’m glad all your printing is perfect.

My jigs are the material I cut the shapes from. It never moves, and therefore neither will the design when I flip the parts. If they are not symmetrical, you just cut a flipped shape in the first step and remove that extra piece.


You are on the right path with the jig. This is the way I would set it up which is what @eflyguy was describing to you.

Printing on both sides

Print heart and side A text
Set everything you just printed to ignore
Print side B text


Here’s an example of an asymmetrical double-sided engrave.


Do NOT remove the wood and repin it. Remove only the parts you need to flip. In the GFUI - have the jig, 1st side and 2nd side all in one project as separate steps (use different colors in your designer software). Ignore the camera (this part is hard, but trust).


You left one important step out; :slightly_smiling_face:


This is where you’re going wrong.

When you’re using a jig to do double-sided engraves, you do not need or want to line anything up.

Completely ignore the camera. Hit print even if it doesn’t look lined up.

The invariant that makes using jigs work is that the same coordinates on your screen always correspond to the same place in the real world every time you hit print. If your design is lined up with the cut lines, after flipping the hearts, it will still be lined up with the cut lines, even if it doesn’t look like that’s true on your screen.

Try it on just one keychain and you’ll see. Just make sure not to move the material you cut the shape out of at all either.


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What they ^ all said…works perfectly!!

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