Focus error

Anyone else having this issue??
Glowforge pro WILL NOT focus. Keeps displaying “error message” I have to keep reloading the page. I’ve cleaned everything repeatedly, checked wires, plug ins etc. At this point it takes me all day to do a project…Thanks for your help

There are a few things that could cause this. Most common is trying to focus lower or at the crumb tray level, or at over 1/2" above the crumb tray level. I have had that problem even at 0.5003 inches, and occasionally when it is clear acrylic, thin paper, or nothing where it is trying to get a focus point.

The other thing that can cause the issue is a bad calibration there is a step by step outline here:


Also, there are two small windows on the bottom of the head on each side of the lens bore, make sure they are clean.


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