Focus guide gone wrong

i love the new feature that allows you to hit set focus ajust the settings and go. that is untill the new focus target started being etched in to my work today, how do i stop that. so not happy

Can’t happen unless the target was a component of your design. Must have brought your design onto the already present target design or brought the target into your design. Maybe it was done the last time you used the design. If the target was intentionally or accidentally loaded then the automatic save feature has made it a part of that design from now on. Find it and delete it or totally reload from scratch.


I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble. @rpegg is correct - the Set Focus target will not be included in your final print unless a target is present in the SVG itself. I took a look at the print from the time of your report, and I found a target included in the SVG. If you remove this marker from the SVG using design software, this should resolve the issue.