Focus is "off"...almost looks like extreme fisheye

so everything was great yesterday…engraving away on cutting boards with no problem. Then on the last one, when I went to do my logo on the back…the focus was all sorts of crazy (almost looks too close?) and the engrave is shallow, blurry, and looks like I did it by hand (which is bad!)…

I just did a recalibrate and it still looks terrible…what could it be? I’ve done a set focus and like I said, the recalibration. Lenses are clean…it’s the same board that looks great on the other side. Nothing changed…

needless to say, I have a bunch of orders and this could really harm or kill my fledgling business…thoughts?

thanks in advance!

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Can you share a photo?

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sure…of the engrave? or of the focus look? what would you like and I will provide!!!

Both would be helpful.

Here you go…the one of the orange things is showing that normally they don’t look so tall. The boards are the diff in quality (I stopped since I’ve had to sand it out a few times already!)

and I think it’s fixed…I did a “turn it off, push the head all the way back to the left, turn it on” and the test engrave worked.

the focus was still wonky on the non-crumb tray version…so I lied to the machine and put it on the 0.5 step instead of the 1.0 and it worked!

when in doubt…lie to the laser…hahahaha


FYI - it is a fisheye lens, so likely you were seeing that because you didn’t have a piece of material in there it could focus on when you had the risers in there.

This was taken during a diagnostic of my machine.

Set Focus, or the auto-focus if you don’t use Set Focus, starts a program that “squares up” the image as best it can based on where you’ve told it you care the most about.

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Hi @raindog212. It sounds like you were able to get this resolved now, so I’ll go ahead and close the thread. Feel free to create a new thread, or write us at if you run into any further trouble. We’ll be here and always happy to help. Thank you!