Focus off

I cleaned everything but the fans last night. It seems I have done something to it. I turned it out and it came forward and hit the front of the machine. I turned it off…
I uploaded a design to see if it would center and show the bed but this is what I am seeing.
Which area of this machine should I be looking at for correction? The camera attached to the lid?
…and of course what the heck do I do…?

Try turning off the machine, putting a sheet of fresh proofgrade material in there with the QR code showing, and then turn it on and let it calibrate. See if it does the same thing. (Black materials can cause problems for the camera.)

It really scared me there for a bit especially since I cleaned it yesterday. I rebooted my router and did the things you suggested. It’s working now.


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I’m glad to hear you solved your issue! If the problem reoccurs, please post a new topic. I’ve passed your feedback regarding this incident along to the team.

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