Focus WAY too far

So, all of the sudden my glowforge, when I hit Print or try to Set Focus, zooms WAY in. It can’t cut medium draftboard anymore and the kerf is really wide leading me to think it is, even though I manually specify the thickness, setting the focus way off. Any ideas?

Things I’ve tried:

  • Gift of Good Measure on PG draftboard.
  • Cleaning everything the “what needs wiping” guide says to clean.
  • Non PG materials.
    *No material, just honeycomb.
  • Power cycling (obviously had to for the cleaning bit but, still).

When I say I cleaned it I mean I took a q-tip and made sure the lens cloth left ZERO strands behind. I cleaned it like I clean my DSLR lens.

When I refresh the bed it shows a perfectly normal image. But focus is waaaaay off.

Here is what it looks like when I refresh the bed image:

Put your lens in upside down?


This happened before I ever took my lens out to clean it (does it use the laser lens for focus? I thought it used one of the other two) and it worked fine, then it didn’t. So it isn’t a assembly issue sadly.

Also finally was able to catch it focusing, I do see a laser “dot”, its more like a bar, I’d say…3/16 wide? Hard to say exactly.

This is really highlighting the downsides to “automatic”…I’m not really sure what the point of me specifying material thickness if it is going to be overridden by the autofocus when I hit print…and because autofocus has failed…the whole machine is useless right now…

If only I could tell it where to start and where to focus like a “dumb” laser cutter. :frowning:

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re running into trouble! I appreciate you providing such great information to illustrate the behavior you’re seeing when printing. I’ve extracted the log files from your Glowforge to review your most recent prints, and compared it with the details you sent over.

We’re currently investigating the snag, and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information. I appreciate your patience during this time.

Thank you so much for your patience. After reviewing the log files, we’ve made a small change on our side. When you have a moment, could you please reboot your Glowforge, and perform a test print?

Please let us know if you notice the same behavior. We’d be happy to take a look at the new logs, and send over any additional steps.

Thank you so much. That appears to have fixed the issue. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

Amanda Fulbright

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Fantastic! Thank you so much for updating us. I’m so glad to hear that everything is working correctly. I’ll close this thread for now, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at if you run into any more trouble. We’re here to help :slight_smile: