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Glowforge keeps on focusing focusing focusing continually, I have cleaned the machine and all lenses. My Glowforge is 2 weeks old. I have made other small projects with ease. I have to disconnect flowforge each time I complete a project or it will continually focus. Is there any help with this issue. Thank you

That has probably not involved that problem or may have made it worse. There are a lot of bits and sensors, and the delicate cables that connect them can be damaged by over-vigorous cleaning. Dirt on the lenses needs attention if the cut is not going through, or the fisheye lens and top of the head if that lens cannot find the head, but that has nothing to do with focusing.

You are saying that you are able to cut pieces, and you could not do that if the fisheye could not find the head. So perhaps you need to be explicit about what you mean by focusing?

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The most common reason for the machine to get stuck on “focusing” between jobs is a poor wifi connection. The Glowforge is losing connection at some point during the job, and immediately after the job, the server tells it to go into “focusing” state where it calibrates the focus mechanism in the print head to be ready for a new job, but the machine doesn’t get the message so you see it just sitting in that state in the app. You can try a couple things to see if they resolve it:

  • Restart your wifi router, then your Glowforge
  • Move the wifi router closer to the Glowforge
  • Use an app on your phone or the router’s software to see what channels have the most interference from nearby networks, and set your router to broadcast on a different channel
  • Connect your Glowforge to a mobile hotspot instead of your home router
  • Consider any new sources of interference, like new bluetooth devices or smart home devices you may have recently set up when this problem began – there have been times people had connectivity issues until they turned off a new mouse or a new Apple TV for example

Probably interference on your wifi. I agree with @dan84 in that regard. I also agree with @rbdanforth about the danger of excess cleaning. For sure keep the lenses clean (make sure you know where those all are) and keep the rails and belts free of debris. Check your fan blades occasionally and if required clean those as well. Everything else can pretty much be left alone.


I was able at first to cut and score and engrave, not I am not able to cut score or engrave anything. When I place my material in the machine the glowforge will only TRY to focus and I am unable to print. IT sits at focus and will not recognize the NEW material I place inside.

Thank you I will try all of the above to see if this helps my situation. Thank You

If not a Wifi issue it is likely either a black cable or a trip to the mothership

Thank you for providing the fix. I reset to router. So far so good.

Thank You.

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