Focusing issue when going to cut

I am having focusing issue. Once my project is ready to print and i hit start print, it changes the size and nothing lines up anymore. Also, After i’ve made a cut and realize it is not cut all the way through, the picture never lines up the same way again. This has been since i’ve purchase the unit and I thought it was what i am doing but i’m getting frustrated and starting to regret purchasing the unit. I thought this would be easier than this. I’ve tried a camera calibration but it hasn’t helped. Maybe i’m doing something wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the set focus function before lining up your print?
(Three dots menu above the preview area.)
Once that is set, as long as the material on the bed is not moved at all, when it’s done you can open the lid, poke at something that’s supposed to be cut free now to test if it really did get cut out. If it isn’t cut free, (and you’ll have to trust all of us old hands about this part) close the lid, ignore what the screen tells you and rerun the cut. It will run in the same exact way.

The material fastened down is the key to making this work.

If at this point you rerun the Set Focus in the same spot it should give you the same view you saw at the beginning but what tricks people into thinking things have shifted is that it resets the focus view when the job ends.


If you use the set focus before you place your artwork and make sure the red beam lands squarely on the material, the camera alignment should be fairly accurate. If you cut something and it doesn’t cut through, you can run a second cut which will be in exactly the same place if you haven’t moved the material or changed your design. Ignore the camera and simply run the second cut.


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