Focusing Stuck and Centering Stuck

Anyone experiencing the same ?

My GF is temperamental these days!

Sometimes I put it on and keeps Focusing forever…

Turn it off and on again and Centering Forever.

Off and on again seems fine!

Anyone else!?


That might be sketchy Wifi signal issues. Make sure the top of the head is cleaned, and the lid camera lens, maybe reboot your router, and that’s about all you can do. It usually gets better shortly. (It has the few times I’ve seen it happen.)


Thanks! I did restart the router but it’s right next to it and it’s a pretty good one with 8 antennas!

Don’t think it’s the router! But will check the rest of the list!

Try changing the wifi channel?

Also make sure the room lighting isn’t too bright, and try starting up with no material on the honeycomb tray.


I wonder if there could be some problems with weak signal caused by too close APs. It’s my understanding that broadcast strength is supposed to back off when a strong signal is detected on the assumption that you can save power since the receiver is closer.


Thanks for reaching out.

I extracted the logs to investigate, and I see you are back up and printing. Feel free to email us at or open a new topic if you have any other issues.