Focussing Issue and orange light

Hi, this is a common problem for myself especially when cutting materials. I have been using the Glowforge for approx 12 months and having constant battles with it.
After reading all of the community support forums I am still having the same issue.
I have stripped the whole unit down cleaned it correctly following the Glowforge support advice and yet I still have the same issue.
I am in the UK so overheating shouldn’t be an issue, it is 21 degrees in my room. My unit has an inline extractor fan which works fine. My wi-fi connection is approx 350mbs to 450mbs (fibre), I have rebooted all connections, computer, Glowforge countless times and still the same issue.
The pins are fine too, none of them are bent or damaged.
Please help as I am losing patience with this machine.

Unfortunately, when you have several sensors that affect the orange light a bad sensor or bad connection will look like the sensor is throwing a flag. There is good news however, that while it is very expensive to ship parts across the Atlantic it is not so bad to ship electrons. Every time you use your Glowforge much of the computing is still done in Seattle, and more to the point a record is kept of everyone’s every cut that can be looked up by the folks there. Therefore if you can email as specific a definition of what is going wrong and include photos and try to cut the “Gift of Good Measure” and include photos of each side, and your screen at the time it goes wrong there is actually quite a lot of “fixing” they can do from Seattle.

Note also at the very bottom of that screen there is a place that your Glowforge is talking to you though many folk do not notice.

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That’s not how the cloud processing works, but US support can certainly access the logs as stated.

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I have worked out the issue, a poor wiring issue from the carriage plate to the fan.



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It works fine when the carriage plate isn’t mounted as soon as its mounted and tightened up it doesn’t work…

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That is where it is being thrown off. Is a bare wire touching metal when tightened but not before that?


its not bare no ive checked the wires

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When I do this - That happens. That narrows the problem quite a bit.

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I personally think its a connection issue from the print head to the carriage plate, the slightest movement and the fan turns off

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That would be the bad connection. Intermittent is the worst Figure out which is which and you are done. There are three pins on the head to match three plates on the carriage. A bit of dirt or a weak spring or both there is a common cause of that issue.


little bit of electrical tape has solved the issue


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