Foil Quil

Anyone ever use Foil Quil in their GF?

Heh, I have a sampler pack of it but I haven’t used it with. Search on here for laser foil to get some ideas!

I don’t even know what that is. Let’s see what google says.

Oh ok thats cool.

Two things:

I’d look very carefully at the material that the foil is made of, if it’s PVC it’s definitely a NO.

From the faq:

It says that it needs heat and pressure. Heat you have, pressure you don’t. I think you might struggle with it.

As an alternative, you might like to search the forum for “laser foil” or “oracal 351 polyester” as they are both laserable foil products.

My husband searched the faq on their website and it’s been tested on several machines just not the GF. The packaging isn’t specify weather or not it contains PVC.

The penalty for being wrong here is that pvc cutting will destroy your machine. If you can’t get confirmation that it is pvc free, I wouldn’t try it even once.

Just to echo what’s been said, you can’t cut PVC, period. It releases chlorine-based vapor that once deposited on exposed metallic surfaces, will slowly eat them away. This includes circuit boards, but also all the mechanical parts like rails/gantry.