Folders are nice ... but in the "My Designs" why can't I filter out anything that's already in folders?

I can’t tell if something is already in a folder, so I move it and sometimes it moves, sometimes it doesn’t. All designs are in My Designs though so it’s not helping for organization at all. Items in folders need to be able to be filtered out. This can easily be done as you already have the data in a table somewhere that says “this item is in these folders XX and XX” just display those folder names under the files then add a filter to the page like how Excel allows you to filter to show or not show items with or without “tags / folder names.”

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You’ll probably want to email this directly to support as they aren’t connected to the forums anymore.

Though maybe someone can shed light on how they are meant to be used if they figured it out.

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That’s just how they built it. Also, if you delete one of your own designs in a custom smart folder, it doesn’t remove it from My Designs, it just removes it from the folder.

I just don’t go to the default dashboard, just directly to the folder I created. Even then, they added some their spam designs to it a few days ago. I have no use for catalog designs, free or otherwise.

As stated, you should contact support using the link to the form on the support page.


On this specifically, I have found sometimes a design will show up in the new folder immediately, and sometimes not for several minutes or even longer.

It’s very kludgy.

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I dumped all the automatic folders and made new ones relative to what I am doing so none of them are automatic. However, you can do a search on a word in any folder and find it but it has to be the whole word. If you search for “box” it will not find “box1” for example or vice versa, but it will find box 1.

Also if you are looking to delete a file when you right click it gives two options, one to delete from the folder and another to delete from everything.

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