Folders - Using a chrome plugin

Would it be possible to write a chrome plugin that could possibly filter out all the design names in our design catalog and make “folders”? I’ve seen stuff done like this on other things but I’m not skilled enough to do something like this.

Something like using javascript to filter the titles and grouping everything that has the same keyword. ie…Keychain//A, Keychain//B… would all be in a Keychain grouping. I can see all this in my head but I can’t get it flushed out into words enough to even try yet.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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I mean what you’re describing there is also handled 90% by alphabetizing the list by filename.

There are a lot of challenges to get this sort of feature right for a broad user group like us, but I’m on board with pressuring GF to revamp the project list, it’s been one of my issues that I keep asking for. I can’t say I have a great solution yet but even just a simple searchable listing of job names would be so much better than what we have now.

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Yeah. If we could sort or search, I’d be happy enough. But scrolling and scrolling is a pain.

I certainly agree with the need for this! I would love to be able to categorize my designs for easier file management.

I’m really surprised more people haven’t chimed in on this.

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