Folding Steel Shelves for Shop Wall Storage (Prototyped on a Glowforge, made by SendCutSend)

Quick post here as I just got my first order cut at SendCutSend, and I highly recommend them – it’s a great way to take a Glowforge idea and make it in a range of metals quickly and easily.

This project: our new garage has 2x6 construction, so we have deep walls that are begging for storage shelves. I wanted to do something quick and easy that would hold a lot of different stuff. After knocking out some cedar wood temporary shelves I thought meh, we can do better. So I cut a range of prototypes for a folding metal shelf with tool storage holes out of paperboard until I got to a design that functioned the way I wanted. After “installing” my paperboard versions and confirming the tools fit, I ordered two from SendCutSend. The guys were great, they actually contacted me and recommended a better folding hinge design than what I had submitted, I resubmitted directly to the help team and five days later the products arrived. Worked perfectly the first time .

I’ve installed the first two and am going to order another 12 with a modified design so I can clear all the small stuff off my work bench and get it stored in the walls.

Photo 1: Paper Prototype

Photo 2: Steel cut by SendCutSend

Photo 3: First shelf installed between the studs of the garage


wow, that is nifty.

never heard of that service either.

thanks, for the heads up!


Did you need to use a brake?

Also, mind sharing the unit cost?

(also, for the lazy: )


Now I want whatever kind of laser(s) they are using. This is a very interesting business. Ponoko meets titanium.

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Very cool! I didn’t know there was such a service (now I want to come up with something for them to make for me!) Or, as @dklgood says, get one of whatever they’re using!


You can get a used industrial 300W laser for around 10k. That doesn’t include installation, software, support, etc. That will let you cut ~1mm steel.


Oh yeah, now I want steel items. Such a cool project! Thanks for the inspiration.

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Get yourself a plasma CNC table - same price range as a GF Basic. (Langmuir Systems).

I can prototype in chipboard on the laser and cut the final thing out of steel or aluminum using the same design file (SVG). :slightly_smiling_face: Cuts through up to 1/2".

Add a 20-ton hydraulic finger press brake and you can make all sorts of stuff.

But then you’re going to want a powder coat booth and oven :wink:


That all sounds like it would take up a lot of space, which is at a premium here. I think I’ll pass!

Damn, that’s great to know about. I love how the cost of all this stuff is coming down. Not cheap, but definitely viable for a small business. Thanks!

Here too :slightly_smiling_face: I have everything on wheels so I can roll them into the center of the garage when I want to use them and then back against the wall when I’m done & I don’t lose the floor space underneath!

I started with a 2’x2’ table, extended it to 2’x3’ and am getting their 4’x3’ plasma CNC table in tomorrow. Gotta figure out how to get rid of the old one :smiley: I’m stopping at this size I think because steel plate bigger than that needs equipment to move around and that’s just ridiculous for a garage hobby.

Besides I’m still thinking about a Tormach CNC - gotta save room. :wink:


No brake needed, just folded perfectly the first time. Got lucky a bit – thought I’d have to send a few test pieces to get it right. $30 each for two of them, costs go down in large batches. They can get the down to $11 each or thereabouts if I order 1000. Obviously that’s a huge batch.


Great idea. What gauge of steel did they send you?

I have drooled over a langumuir cnc plasma cutter for a while now. :slight_smile:

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Yeah that would be cool.

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Great resource. There are also a lot of local shops that can handle little jobs. You may have to make a couple of calls to see who works in sheet metals, laser- cutting, water jetting, machining, etc. I’ve kept my local contacts for any need that I might have come up.

Does anyone know if there’s a similar service available in Canada? From SendCutSend’s FAQ, it sounds like they’d rather not ship outside the US.

“We prefer to only ship within the United States, but
we’re willing to work with you on international orders.”

Where are you located again? LOL

Don’t know the gauge but the steel I ordered is spec’d at .048" on their site. They have a range of thicknesses.

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If you don’t mind, what’s the approximate geometry on those funky trapezoid-lines at the hinges?