FoldIt - papercraft sign using maker.js

Neat little generator recipe.

Scroll down to line #142 to edit the text, then run it.


Did you mean line 141?

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How does the GF UI treat dashed lines these days? I haven’t checked in a while.

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Same as always. It’s a style applied to a solid path - like a color or texture. The machine can’t process that.

There’s info here somewhere on how to convert “dashes” into broken paths in a design app.

Inkscape has such a function.

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Yes. I must have added a line when I was editing earlier.

And I totally missed the customize menu too. :slight_smile:

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The one time I used a trick to make a real dashed line, the laser head would try real hard to accelerate and decelerate between each segment, instead of moving along the whole path at uniform speed.

I wish we had some way to emulate “pulses per inch” as some CO2 cut recipes call for. That is apparently the best way to cut PET-G, which I would like to do.

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