Folks will be growing weary


I’m guessing that everyone on here will be glad when July is over and I no longer post lasered stuff for our family event. Take heart, this is most likely the last thing.

Just a little joke for my brother’s sake. He’s the one who lives outside of Albuquerque and whom I seldom see. This is along the lines of an Olympic medal in size.


So good to see people exploring their creativity. This gag gift rates right up there with a mug I recieved from my brother that says “World’s Okayest Brother”!


These are great @Xabbess
I love the Embossing powder on this as well. :star:


Got my uncle a “world’s okayest engineer” mug. He works at Boeing. The laser will allow me to add to my gag-gift grab bag. Certainly will use @Xabbess for inspiration.


I will be sad when this project is done!


fortunately at that point we’ll be seeing @Xabbess posting her christmas planning projects i suspect :smiley:


Wow, it came out perfect! Do I detect some gold foiling along with the embossing powder? I love the way you embellish your projects.


:confounded: please dont stop posting your projects…these are wonderful to see…I love your creativity and especially the embossing stuff​:smile::smile: this one will be a hit for sure…lol


I’m hoping to see her Halloween projects first though :wink:


ditto! I love your stuff. very inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:


Though it is personal, please don’t take it personally, but don’t agree with your premise.

Keep on posting.


No…haven’t done much with foil for a while. Need to figure out how to make the adhesive UNlumpy for that. :relaxed:


You may have a long wait on that. I’m not really big on Halloween. :relaxed:


do you use spray adhesive or only liquids? i find if i need adhesive to be very clean, sprays work really well.


My wife is a seamstress, so Halloween is probably her favorite holiday of the year. For my daughter’s first Halloween, my wife made 5 separate set of outfits for each day of the week leading up to Halloween (that’s a total of 10 outfits that she hand made, just for Halloween).


Don’t be crazy; we love seeing the stuff you make!!


It’s a type of adhesive specifically for foils when you don’t laminate them. Normally, you would run your paper (whatever) through a laminator to adhere foil using just heat. Since, anything thicker than paper cannot obviously go through a laminator, you have to use adhesive and a heat gun on it. It definitely does not produce the same or as desirable of an outcome. Would be nice if there was one that could be sprayed on…sure would make for a smoother surface.


I am verily impressed!


ahh, i didn’t realize. do you think this product would work?


Hey, thanks! That’s the brand of foil that I use…and I see that it’s a newly added product. This would work great when using the PG masking on something that I’ve made with the GF, so I could use the adhesive before removing the masking…like a stencil. But, sometimes I use freehand application, and spray wouldn’t work well for that. I have to ‘paint’ the adhesive on by hand, then. But, I do appreciate the heads up and this spray would be a good addition to my arsenal. :relaxed: