Font on SVG file won't upload to GF

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I have tried this numerous times and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong…when I upload my SVG on GF it is all grey (not different colors as on Inkscape). I did highlight my text>Path>Object to Path but no luck.

Thanks in advance for the help! >.<

Path>Object to Path should be the fix. I usually select all, repeat that operation a few times, and then save the SVG under a new name for sending to my Glowforge.

You should be able to verify that you’ve done it by clicking on the letters afterwards and seeing that they are all separately selectable/movable.

If you want to post the file, maybe someone else can try if repeated object->path isn’t doing it.


I take it all back. The file is linked from your post, I didn’t realize that wasn’t a screenshot.

Your file is fine text wise. The problem is there is a very long thin thing that sticks way out to the left and makes the cut not “fit” on the bed. If you delete whatever that artifact is, I think you can cut this file.

Here is a copy of your file with the problem deleted.


I looked at it and also found the stray line. I froze it rather than deleted it so you can see it. The script letters were all separate and overlapping which could make problems so I unioned all that touched each other and fixed the r in congratulations that was misaligned.



You two are GF angels. Thank you both! I have been delaying my first print because I knew the vector file was wrong.


Thank you so much for the help everyone! It looks like you are all set to print that file, so I’m going to close this thread–if you run into any other trouble, feel free to start a new topic or email us at

Happy printing!