Font sale at MyFonts

Hey guys, a heads up: Myfonts is having their annual Fontacular font sale. I am so tempted.


Did you ever have any luck finding any single stroke fonts? I wonder if they have any?

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I find font browsing and selection SO intimidating. But then, I also am pretty overwhelmed by color selection. Designers who are good at this are like magicians to me.


Thanks for the tip.

I have to say it: why would anyone need anything but Times New Roman, Ariel, Helvetica, Impact, Papyrus and Comic Sans? Oh, and some fancy wedding script thing like French Script!:laughing:


MUST have Comic Parchment (Comic Papyrus). It is an absolute for using on your graphic designer friends.


See?? Why can’t I be like this? I would be happier…

I’ve gone almost entirely to Google Fonts because they’re free and can be used for commercial projects. They have an amazing range of fonts available and they can be downloaded to your computer. I needed to go this way for website usage. Check it out:

I often do web searches for advice on which fonts are similar to a pay font. Google Fonts will also suggest which fonts go together after you select a particular font. That’s for those of us who aren’t expert at typeface etiquette.


Not really, but I kinda dropped the ball on the research. I don’t think demand is very high for such fonts.

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I think Google Fonts just saved my sanity!

And all you FONT aficionados must go to youtube and watch the SNL/Ryan Gosling “Papyrus” video. It’s very very funny.


Always a classic.

Agree completely. Understand why a designer might care. They are paid to heard the sheep. Understand why a business would want their sign or product stand out. But why a commoner would give two cents is beyond me.


I think you’ve covered some nice Fonts there, but I think the other question is can you choose several that are elegant and might set a project apart from others. Nominally, I think you want one excellent Serif font, Sans-Serif Font, Script font, and Stencil font. @marmak3261 has chosen several good Sans-Serif fonts, but now you need a good Serif (Caslon, Garamond or Palatino) and a good Script (none come immediately to mind). And as Laser People, I think we will all need a Stencil Font that will prevent Dropouts (like on the O’s). I may take advantage of @cynd11’s heads up and get a nice Stencil font of some kind.

3 Stencil fonts at the google link:


Thanks @reltham! Much appreciated.

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Really like that Sirin Stencil! Thanks for the link! :grinning:


Now I have more font browsing to do. Like clip art, I’m all about the stuff I can use for free.


I need them ALL - bahahha

A veritable font of fonts.

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I found a script for AI that produces a monoline font. It doesn’t always work, and benefits from smoothing the curves to reduce the node count.