Font Size is Inconsistent

I have a file that was made online with the glowforge app using text that was 18 pts. I made the same file in illustrator, but 18 pt font was much smaller. In illustrator, this text in 18 pt font is .227 inches, but the glowforge font is .317 inches. I thought font sizes were consistent between all programs, but this happened with every font I tried between the glowforge app and illustrator.

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Are you comparing the exact same fonts and characters in both? Because point sizes are quite the rabbit hole. :smiley:


Yes, same font, same size, same letters. I worked out that 72 pt in the glowforge software comes out to 100 pt in illustrator. I tried it on a serif font (Roboto Slab) and a sans serif font (Lato). I checked in Microsoft Publisher and it’s consistent with Illustrator, it’s only the glowforge app that makes the fonts bigger than they should be.

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So having read that article about font sizes- the 72 pt “M” in glowforge is exactly 1 inch, while the box around the 72 pt “M” in illustrator is 1 inch. If I create outlines in Illustrator (Or Inkscape, or Publisher, or Canva), the “M” is only 0.72 inches. So the scale of the fonts is off in the glowforge app, by a fairly large margin. I was told the font should be in 18 pt, but in reality, it should have been 25 pt, so my font in my file came out way too small.

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You may be the first user to clock that, certainly the first I’ve seen to mention. Worth reporting your findings to support. (@emilyhuh ?)


In general when I run into any such scale issue I just fix it in the GFUI. Any font from a non-GFUI source probably needs to be made into an image or simple vector in any case if it is going to work, at which time specific stuff like point size is irrelevant.

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Could it have something to do with the dimensions of the illustrator template, and the dpi of the save file? Not sure.


Thanks @ekla

@ev1 I haven’t seen that as well but if you haven’t reached out to support yet, feel free to reach out to to see if they can dig into the inconsistent font size and see if they can help. Thank you!

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Well in this case, another person made the file in GFUI, told me the font size they used, and I recreated the file in Illustrator, using the size I was told, which ended up being smaller than expected.

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