Font Suggestion(s) Calling on the FONT NERDS/HOUNDS/HOARDERS whatever you all go by

Hey Gang,

I am engraving some Tall Shot glasses for a KY Air national guard fundraiser/auction event.

I need it to have 123rd Airlift Wing on the side. GT Herina looks cool, and I use it a lot. but no lowercase letters, for the “rd”.

any of you font wranglers, know of a font similar that could show the lowercase “rd” ?

thanks so much. got to get them done this weekend.

Thanks all!!!

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You got a pic of what you’re doing?

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Google says

  1. LMS A Berry Nice Font
  2. BlueSkies
  3. TattooParlor
  4. Little Britain
  5. Sho-Card-Caps
  6. Dynamic
  8. PearTree

Just use What the Font to narrow it down from an actual image of the font itself.

I think Euphoregic might match for a lower case “rd.”

It’s a free font with commercial rights. The others I have listed are just from my font list, don’t know how much they cost because at the time, I must have gotten them for free.


I once participated on a contest site (the now defunct Worth1000) where logo contests were part of the fun. There you got the side-eye if you used an off the shelf font for anything but inspiration!

I’m no font snob, but it’s actually kinda fun to take a couple of letters and tweak them to match your vision.


I wrote a “CPM Emulator” for the Sinclair (Timex) Spectrum - all it could do was list files from the tape drives and copy. I also created an 80-column font to go with it, however, which was no small feat on the Spectrum. I ended up using part of that in versions of Asteroids (incomplete) and Space Invaders (pretty much functional) that I wrote in machine language.

That cured me of any desire to create fonts, but I was still a kid and never had a need. Ah, the days of staying up all night pecking away at that horrible chiclet keyboard… :rofl:


Not really. I am using the tall shot glasses that somebody recommended here a long while back.

I meant a pic of what you’re going for.

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As I previously suggested, What the Font comes back with dozens of near-identical matches ($$). Take the various matches and search Google Fonts for near-matches.

( just one of many matches from their logo)

just the text “123rd Airlift Wing”

not overly complex :slight_smile:

Do you have design software available to you? There are a number of ways to get a similar effect using small caps, superscript, subscript, etc with upper case letters.
Illustrator has built in tools but since one generally has to outline fonts before lasering anyway it’s easy to do manually in any other program.

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Good memories – I had the Timex Sinclair 1000 with the film keyboard, so the chicklets would have been an upgrade. :rofl:


I had the ZX-81 previously, which is why I went with the Spectrum. I liked Z80 machine language.

Later moved to the 68000-series and an Amiga (1000, with the signatures and paw-prints molded into the underside of the upper case half.) That served me well in University, and my final-year project was initally microprocessor-based, although I finally adapted it to the upcoming Xilinx FPGA…

Then I made a 30+ year career in (security) software sales and technical product marketing. :roll_eyes:

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my brain just processed what you posted.

I didn’t even think to try and superscript it.

sheesh. I need more sleep.


Just playing with this, Baskerville Semi-Bold looks very, very close:

I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference with an engrave on a shot glass…

A couple of options, but you can break it apart and scale/rearrange as necessary:


… on a shot glass, I’d probably lay it out like this:

(These are all SVG, btw…)


thanks for that.

I hadn’t thought to stack it up to do short glasses.


I really need more sleep. the kid is a month away from driving herself to school. so no no more 6:20 Am wake ups for the daddy unless it is 5:30 on fridays for Hoops.


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