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Ok all of you Fontxperts

Picture if you will(hopefully at some of you all remember Rod Serling) A light like this


I am going to be making a 9 foot light for my diamond table.

One long sides, I want to GLOWFORGE “Chris’ Pool Hall” in a nice spiffy font. it will be cut out so I can back light it in BLUE LED’s

Now for full disclosure. the long panels on this light are going to be swappable. Think changing skins.

Any ideas are welcome. I haven’t had a table in 18 years. I learned to work in stained glass when I had my first table, but I could never finalize a design, so I never made the light. This time around with the ability to swap the side panels, that isn’t as much of a problem.

Lastly, it will be maple to match the table.

thanks all.



Whenever I think of pool hall, I associate with a vintage type font. Maybe something like this:

A worthy project, and you are going to save some serious $!
Not to mention the extreme satisfaction of crafting it yourself. :sunglasses:

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yes indeed, the matching light for my table was $1,000.00

after I got done choking I was like "ya I’ll have to pass on that. I was able to shatter the budget for the table, I’m not looking to die. "


More than a graphic design standpoint, you might look at it from an interior designer perspective.

How is the room going to be designed? Are you going to design/decorate the room around the table and light, or incorporate the light into existing room decor?

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The light will primarily match the table.
we will be incorporating a blue color into the epoxy coatings for the side bar ledges(on the wall), the sofa tables, end tables around the space. it will complement the table’s electric blue color, and the the blue of the ping pong table.

I have a design worked out what will allow the long side panels to be swapped out. for my daughter’s HS graduation I hope to swap the one side out that faces the room with a scrolling LED sign saying Congratulation’s!

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