Fonts from design program vs GUI

Can someone explain something about fonts to me? For example, if I choose a simple Arial Bold font in design program (in my case, Inkscape :weary:) then engrave on GF is all wiggly looking. But if I choose a font from the GUI it’s perfect. Nice straight lines, etc.

Here are trash pieces.
On left is using the basic Arial Bold in Inkscape. Converted to oath.
On right is using font in GUI.
All optics were cleaned. No cracks in wheels and no loose belts, etc.
you can see wavy lines on the one on left.

EDIT Here is the SVG for the buttons I was asked to make. I’m using Inkscape but I think I have way too many nodes for each letter. But if anyone wants to look at it, you can. Thanks.
Martin Congress Button

That makes no sense to me at all, but perhaps someone else might have better insight.


Your designs should look the same when engraved as they do in your design program. It shouldn’t matter where you wrote the text. Is this “wiggly look” happening on your computer screen, or on your physical material? If on the material, can you share a photo?


How are you converting your text in Inkscape?

I convert Object to Path

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Happens on the physical material. On computer it looks great.

Does it look anything like this?

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As others have stated, this is not logical. Can you print the same words created in Inkscape next to those words created in the interface and share the photo? Make sure that you use the same engrave settings for each.

I edited my post above to show my photos.

Yes. I edited my original post to show the photos.

The distortion appears in the stars too, not just the text, so where you created the text isn’t the cause. Read the “print is distorted” page linked above, as that tells you how to fix this problem. It’s either belts or wheels.


All belts and wheels have been checked and are all good. The stars may be wonky cause of my attempt to fix with paint pen.

No, they are definitely not right either. The points on all of them curve in different directions.

The secondo case (gfui) is definitely vector, What Is the result in inkscape? If vector how many nodes? I have seen some stuff go overboard in the number of nodes along a straight line. I suspect the even the location on the material might have made a difference. but it does defy logic.

When you checked the belts, did you also check the one under the laser arm? That’s the one that is likely loose if there is a problem. Use a flat mirror underneath. Check the pulleys on either side. Also check for a cracked or broken wheel on the carriage plate.

(Although I kind of like the wavy effect…it’s attention grabbing.) :smile:

If all of that checks out, try a different font from the design program and slow down the speed a little on the engrave.

do you have a svg you can post with text from inkscape that is the issue and we can try printing it?

Oh, that is an excellent thought. Totally makes sense. I’m going to check that out. Inkscape definitely is not a great program but till I get an updated laptop it will have to do. Thanks😊

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Ya I checked laser arm. Haha, although the waviness is eye catching but pretty sure not in a good way though😂

As previously requested, share the Inkscape file and someone will try to duplicate your problem or look at the file.

I think I see what is wrong. I’ll have to try it out again later this weekend. Thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it.