Food grade or safe cutting mat?

Hey, is there such a thing as a food grade safe cutting mat for use with the GF?
I would like to cut wafer paper that will come into contact with food but also want to cut mylar A and other plastic.
My thoughts were if the wafer does not touch the crumb tray but instead sits on a food safe cutting surface (non sticky) it could work? I’m coming at this with food safty in mind. I could weigh down the edges with paper weights insted of magnets to stop it flying about.
I would appreciate any help with this and settings when using a mat.

Thank you in advance

The laser would cut through both the mat and the paper if you have it set to ‘cut’. You could test scoring or engraving for a more shallow cut with just using some parchment paper and magnets.

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Aside from wanting to use a mat, f you really think about it, the reason we have to clean our machines regularly is because there’s lots of residue on every component in it…from cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, etc. I don’t think you would want to put any kind of food related thing into a space like that. Residue from other materials is never contained to just the crumb tray. I think a mat would be the least of your concerns. You need a GF dedicated to food only that has not been exposed to other things.


Thank you, that makes perfect sense. can you imagine buying a GF just for that. I’ll give it a miss. Thank you

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