Food safe stencils

Any recommendations for thin and flexible stencils material that are laser safe? I was thinking of acetate but I saw it wasn’t recommend for your laser. I do need it to be washable and food safe, about the same thickness and rigidity as those thin plastic file folders.

It would depend on which machine you have, but acrylic could work depending on how flexible you need it. Polypropylene (flexible cutting mats) cuts well, but the edges can be melty, so you might need more time to clean up…

Others have asked similar questions, so searching for “flex” or “flexible” might get you more answers!


It sounds like mylar might be a good match there. A lot of people have made mylar stencils on their Glowforges:


Those thin plastic file folders should work just fine provided they are the polypropylene version and NOT PVC. I’ve cut them before to make concrete casting molds. Not too melty.


This isn’t the exact product I bought several years ago, but is the same thickness…and it seems like it would work well for stencils;

When covid was raging, I made a few face shields using this stuff.


There are settings for various thicknesses of PETG sheets in this thread.


I am not sure of the applicability but some time ago I was thinking of stencils that the dough could be rolled out over to either prvide a raised shape above (like a pie shell) or a color or material shaken (like chocolate powder) to transfer the design.

To provide the raised design the material would need to be as thick as the anount raised, so I was thinking of using acrylic.

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