For any other 3D enthusiasts, the newest ZBrush is out!


Go check it out!!

ZBrush 4 R8



I got the email about it today, havent had a chance to check it out yet and see what’s new.


@mpipes they did a long demo of almost 3 hours, it’s on their YouTube channel, pretty cool stuff. My brain still hurts…


Sad thing is I just started with 4R6 so in that couple years time I havent even nicked the surface of capability!

Oh Lordy… a 1.2 GB download for the upgrade.


Totally worth every KB!


Just activated the upgrade, will have to read up on new features tomorrow.


Go to their ZClassroom to watch their videos, they’re always top-notch!
Also now they have a channel on Twitch and they have a few professionals each week showing their workflow.


Time to download the new version!!! Yay!!!