For Mac Users only :-)

anyone who is intrested in Vectorizing Bitmap Images the programm “super vectorizer” is on sale, $1 instead of $20


NICE TIP! Just got it - thanks!

Thanks for letting us know. I just got it.

Ditto for me. Thank you!

Awesome, thanks for letting us know about this deal!

This app. is pretty much like the Adobe Capture app for iPhone, which I also got, but this one uses whatever is already on your computer rather than using the camera or the images on the phone. Much nicer to be using a desktop version. I saw this mentioned in the App. store, so signed up to receive notices of apps that go on sale as this one did. In case anyone wants to check it out;

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Thanks so much! I got it too. It looks like it is not as configurable as the Trace feature in Illustrator, but it is very fast and really captures the details.

Shot - Missed it. Back up to $19.99

For one dollar it’s a nice application, but it’s not really worth $20 when there are many other options to convert images to Vector format.

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damnit… missed it! :confused:

Since this is for Macs only, what other programs are others planning on using with there Mac for the GF?