For Sale: Brand New in Box - Glowforge Plus ($3800) (San Francisco Bay Area)

Hi everyone,
I purchased my Glowforge Plus back in late 2018 and stored it in my garage for my new home purchase. Well I finally bought my home but it’s not as big as I originally wanted…meaning no room for my Glowforge. I paid $4450 OTD for this and would like to get $3800 for it. Looking for someone local (San Francisco Bay Area) so I don’t have to worry about shipping. I can deliver if it’s within 50 miles from my home. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I bought my new Glowforge plus for less than that, $3750 direct from glowforge with the referral code. $3995 without the referral code,
When was the plus $4450?

Price is (and was) this:
Price before discounts: $3,995.00
Items purchased: Glowforge Plus
Shipping: $99.00
Sales Tax: $358.24

Total amount paid: $4,452.24

Youch. The sales tax is a bear. Feeling pretty thankful I dodged that bullet. :wink:


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