For Sale By Purchaser of a Glowforge Plus

Hello There, I bought my Laser Cutter from GF in mid 2018. Due to a lot of reasons I am now looking to sell it to the highest bidder. I have had it turned on maybe 10 to 12 times. I’ve printed three things for my grandkids and one for my wife, that’s it. I am unable to vent my system with our new remodeling job and will need to unload it. Please let me know if interested. Thanks, John

If you’re already paying for a remodel, what’s another thousand bucks or so to get a filter? :smiley:

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Do you know where I can get 1 for $1,000.00 today? I bought the GF one, only to be put on a permanent hold temporarily. I signed up for the (less than GFstandard requirement) one, but its delivery was held up too. I’m dead in the water and lost my paddle to an unknown unseen alien. I have been shopping for a while and solutions cost more than a cnc router. I’d appreciate your thoughts. John

I was thinking of the “Compact Filter,” but shouldn’t have been so glib, I apologize. I know they are not something you can get overnight. But unlike the fancy original filter, some people who ordered the Compact Filter actually DO have them right now.

At this point, if you want to have a laser cutter, it might be worth the additional wait for the Compact.

You will need to build a 12" to 4" step down box as the intake is that but it is less than $1,000 leaving enough to figure that part. I have one and even not connected it will clear a room very quickly. With the fan able to get to 500 CFM it would out pull two Glowforges.

Making that step from 4" to 10"(opening) or 12" (lip) is worth the effort. I bought the future Glowforge Filter and am still waiting as well but the other will be put to use to take care of dust and fumes of every other sort.

And they ship quite quickly

Since the discussion here is quieted, I’m going to close the thread. @jl.order if there’s something we can help with, please post again or write to to let us know what you need!