For Sale GF Basic in Lakeland FL

GF Basic, bought in August 2021, used from September 2021 until December 2021, very good condition, comes with original shipping box, sales bill, all kinds of accessories like window ventilation (self-construction), a circular saw to cut your own boards, laser blanks, pre-cut wood blanks, uncut wood, stains, cleaning supplies, lens wipes, transfer tape, caliper. I sold my house and dont have the space to use my forge anymore, thats why I am trying to sell it. I have the sales bill as proof of ownership and I do not ship. Pick up and cash only. The machine worked with zero problems and was cleaned weekly. If you want to see some pictures or are interested in buying it, please comment here. If you live in Florida I am willing to split the drive if you dont live too far from me.

You should include a price.

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Ups sorry, forgot that. I am asking $2600

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Thank you for the tip! thats awesome

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