For Sale, Glowforge Basic, Las Vegas, NV, $1500

Fully functional Glowforge Basic purchased back in 2017 that’s been well maintained over the years. The device is fully functional with the only issue being that the on/off switch has to be held for a second for it to stay in place.

This is local pick-up only unless you are will to pay 100% of the cost to have it shipped which will include $249 for the shipping container and foam plus the shipping cost.

Having a Glowforge has been an amazing experience that jump-started my crafting/woodworking journey. I’m hoping that by offering it at a reasonable price I can pass that experience on to the next person. That said, if you are a seasoned crafter looking to take things to the next level, a Glowforge will definitely help you get there.

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Uni the Glowforge Basic has been sold.

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