For Sale Glowforge Pro $ 5,500 with a free fume extractor - Illinois

Selling my Glowforge Pro $ 5,500…with a free fume extractor. As well as all the original papers and box…and some material for the machine…
I haven’t had it long…its been about 3/4 months…just haven’t had much time to put into it…and honestly…I’m buying a house and could really use the money for the move…located in Round Lake, Illinois …I plan on buying another once the move is complete :blush:
Still hooked up if you want to see what it can do.


Adding your location might help, along with any materials you may not need anymore. It may be helpful to include how long you have used it.

Problems and support is for generating a support ticket, I’ll move it to “Everything Else” for you where it may get more traction.
Good Luck!


Much better, especially with the added fume extractor!

Good luck on you move, massive job relocating your universe, hopefully your excited and not overwhelmed with the prospect.

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